Narinder Purba

Narinder Purba is a poet, writer and journalist.

For writing commissions and other multimedia work please contact the Narinder via email at nspurba@gmail.com

All work on the website can be reproduced for non-profit reasons, otherwise it is subject to copyright.

© Narinder Purba, 2014

What they say about him:

“Nindy is a very talented writer, journalist and youth worker.  He inspires young people to achieve their potential through his encouragement and way of working with young people that both empowers them and supports them.  He gives them confidence to be able to express themselves improving both their written and oral communication skills and raises their aspirations by acting as a role model and by supporting them to do tasks that they never thought they would be able to do. He uses guided reflection very effectively to help them understand the journey they have made and what they can achieve.” Fiona Wyton, Director, Headliners (UK)

“Nindy is an exceptionally strong writer and capable of turning his hand to a range of subjects. As well as being able to write in a number of different registers, Nindy’s content is always engaging, original and effective – perfect for content marketing. A personable and professional member of the team, Nindy was also a pleasure to work with.” Nathaniel Bertram, Senior Site Merchandising Manager at Amazon

“Narinder is a very talented communications specialist, and is very able to undertake difficult publication material and translate it into very easy to read and with a clear message publication. His use of words make it easy to read and be understood by a full range in the different age groups. His skills and expertise are clearly shown in his work output.” Jim Allan, Councillor and Leader of the Labour Group at North Tyneside Council

“I have worked with Nindy both as a colleague for almost two years and managed him as part of a larger project. His attention to detail meant he was an obvious choice for me when I needed an experienced and capable writer to join a team working for the company’s biggest client to date. I have been impressed with his dedication to his work, as well as his ability to turn around difficult tasks to a very high standard in a very short time. I would recommend him for future projects in a second.” Philippa Beaumont, Marketing Executive at 100% Effective

“Having worked with Nindy for the past two years, it is evident that he is a very strong writer who can seamlessly adapt his writing to a number of topics and styles. Nindy’s subbing skills also have to be highlighted, as he is always thorough when going over any piece of work put his way and keen to provide feedback that not only picks up on an issue, but also aims to improve a colleague’s writing. It has been great having Nindy as a colleague.” Lee Dover, web copywriter at Mediaworks

“Nindy is a strong and capable writer with a vocal presence in the Leeds office. He has shown a willingness to get involved with some of our most challenging business, providing essential support producing whitepapers, best practice and feature thought leadership content.” Joseph Livingstone, Head of Content (Leeds) at Axonn Media

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8 Responses to About

  1. KJB says:


    I rather like this blog of yours, might I just say.

    PP alerted me to it… I am a regular there, who goes under the name of…

    Ah hell naw, I’d probably better not reveal it just yet.

  2. Raven says:

    I agree, nice blog – I like the look and the content range. Good luck, R.

  3. N says:


    Keep logging onto the blog and link it!

  4. Satnam says:

    Yo keep up the good work holmes, likin the nadine shah interview !!!!!!!

  5. Tom says:

    Gaurav and I like the Blogg, Keep it up and see you soon.

  6. Gurdip Kambo says:

    I like the blog really feel it when you were talking about your grandmum could feel it back then bro.

    Your choice of words are compassionate and make you feel like you are actually there experiencing it.

    Keep up the good work bro and see you soon

  7. Matthew Cheese says:

    Of the sun that dwells, in the sky of pure hope.
    Of the mountain that crows, in the parallels of the man,
    And the face that roars, in the wounded pride of the lion.
    So we move, ever on-wards to the meeting of the twain,
    To hope reconciliation can be maintained and fostered
    In the conceit of the oven and cage of the rising cloth.

  8. Matthew Cheese says:

    Pushing through the granite, like a thesis in a cast iron bucket,
    Dealing with monetry issues as the crow slips the man through holes,
    First the transparent filth, next the clutter
    And veto of the trans-urgent nexus.

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