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Turner Prize 2011

If there were no controversy in any given art medium there would be banality, which would be sacrilegious to its very existence. Proper art, from the deep subconscious recesses of the soul, from heartbreak and political and social and existential … Continue reading

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George Shaw – The Sly and Unseen Day

We always create meaning from the simplest of things, shape our surroundings according to the story of our life, and observe happenings from a very distinct point of view. It is therefore fascinating how many planet earths there really are, … Continue reading

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Dan Holdsworth – Blackout

In his momentous novel Snow, Orhan Pamuk begins the story of Ka with the seemingly modest but truthfully graceful aphorism ‘the silence of snow’, which for a novel of the same name reveals the obvious centrality of this crystallised water … Continue reading

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Anselm Kiefer – ARTIST ROOMS On Tour with the Art Fund

As if brutally ripped from the earth and left to die, a once evergreen and lively palm tree, so synonymous with heavenly paradise, lays horizontally on the floor, its roots visible, its lush green washed away, it’s sweet lilts now … Continue reading

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Gateshead Public Art – 25 Years On

To think of Gateshead is to think of the Angel of the North, Antony Gormley’s towering copper sculpture of an angel with outstretched wings. Sited on the former colliery pithead baths, which is synonymous with the town’s mining history, there … Continue reading

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Cornelia Parker – Doubtful Sound

Objects define us. From the flashing of labels that articulate a certain class-awareness to the seemingly vacant ticket-stub that holds a memory of a romantic evening, items, in every shape and conceivable size, reveal different narratives, stories, and histories that … Continue reading

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Two to See – Art in the North East this March

One a typically dull and breezy wet afternoon in Newcastle last week, I took the opportunity to visit the Laing Art Gallery. It was a thoroughly soothing and pleasant hour of time spent well, and I enjoyed, in particular, the … Continue reading

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Fiona Crisp – Interview

Fiona Crisp’s new installation Subterrania is an intricate, multilayered, and insightful look at what we perceive life to be. It is thoughtful body of work exploring the phenomenological experience of an image – its raison d’être so to speak – … Continue reading

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The curator of the Seripop installation paints a rather superb description of what we are can expect from the weekend long event at the Baltic: “My intentions are to arrive and present an explosion of craziness; a full installation of … Continue reading

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Harland Miller – Interview

It all started with peanuts. In a sweet and praiseworthy act of loyalty, a young Harland Miller deliberately sabotaged his 11 plus exams to stay close to his best friend, Dean Robinson. Ironically, his friend ended up passing, whereas Miller … Continue reading

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