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Sun swept, Cataclysm, Drumbeats, She sings. So cool, In the video, Doesn’t smile, She delights. Who cares, No numbers, No belongings, She charms. Just the taste of wine, Her pretty face, To remember, She bewitches. The music plays, The crowd … Continue reading

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She smoked. Cigarettes are death, I said. She smiled. Yes, she said, blowing smoke into my face, I suppose so. She paused. What does it feel like? Warm, I said. That’s the appeal of death. It was a peculiar way … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol achieves new auction record with Silver Car Crash

Pop art is always a difficult movement to broach. Is it art at most ironic or a parody of the conceit of the industry? Perhaps it is fine art at its contemporary best, a creative critique of history as it unfolds, or … Continue reading

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Art as Therapy

The writer Alain de Botton and philosopher John Armstrong want you to reconsider what you understand about art. It is not just an aesthetic, it is not just an asset and it is not just a critique of the zeitgeist. … Continue reading

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Good English

“Today, during a break from feeling, I reflected on the style of my prose. Exactly how do I write? I had, like many others, the perverted desire to adopt a system and a norm. It’s true that I wrote before … Continue reading

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Sir Anthony Caro dies at the age of 89

“I hope to carry on for another 10 or 12 years if I’m lucky,” the British sculptor Sir Anthony Caro told the Independent in the summer ahead of a new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in London. “It’s what I … Continue reading

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Want you, always, Though isn’t that impossible? Nothing lasts, they say, Life is death. But, true love, you, My sweetheart, Refuses to be bound, By nature. Forever is as real, As a Sunday morning.

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Picasso and Truth

John Gray, one of the greatest thinkers of his generation, wrote last year that “truth is determined by reference to how an idea accords with the projects to which the speaker is committed”. Truth is something we’re all looking for, although, … Continue reading

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John Constable’s The Hay Wain vandalism opens up a debate on how to protest

Free people are at liberty to protest, to make statements in support of a legitimate cause, to be able generate materials that express their unhappiness and to be able to hold people in power – be it an organisational level … Continue reading

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Art matters

Spending cuts… how about that for an opening line? Such an awkward turn of phrase loaded with pessimism or in the case of governments all around the world “the inevitable and unpreventable course of action required to one day usher … Continue reading

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