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Heard but never known

Midnight hour, The freezer hums, I hate being cold. Meanwhile, The clock on the wall, Not to be forgotten, Ticks and tocks, Always slower than he hopes to be. From afar, The car alarm wails. Hey, he screams, look at … Continue reading

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Keep calm, she said. It’s okay. He looked at her, his eyes wide, his mind delirious. He felt like tearing up the world. I’m thirsty, he said. Can I have some water? She smiled and held his hands. Of course; … Continue reading

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Everyone knows Tracey Emin

Unlike most other famous contemporary artists, both British and otherwise, Tracey Emin is a household name and that is quite an achievement given the fact that art’s reach is exceptionally limited these days. The fame and notoriety of others is … Continue reading

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Moscow’s Garage to showcase hidden contemporary art materials

Moscow’s Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is to open what will be Russia’s first public library dedicated entirely to contemporary art. As firsts go, this is remarkable in itself, given that it is taking place against a backdrop of censorship, orchestrated … Continue reading

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The Wall

It happened one day. A pulse; that rhythmic beat of life… The Wall was alive. A wall, incredulous to believe it, had become self-aware. “I’m a wall,” said the Wall. He was rather observant for a wall and rather unique … Continue reading

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Sotheby’s and eBay announce partnership

It seems like one of the most unlikely of partnerships. On the one hand you have Sotheby’s, one of the most successful, historic and powerful auction houses in the world, and on the other, there is eBay, a global online … Continue reading

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An introduction to ArtRank

The title of McKinsey & Company’s 2011 report on big data was telling. It succinctly described this expansive and burgeoning technology as representing “the next frontier for innovation, competition and productivity”. In short, it is a game-changer. Once exclusive to the sphere of big … Continue reading

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Christie’s contemporary art sale achieves $745 million in one evening

Here is one way of looking at Christie’s recent, record-breaking sale of post-war and contemporary art, which in one evening racked up $745 million (approximately £444 million) – it absolutely thumped the auction house’s impressionist bonanza. Taking place in early … Continue reading

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Sun swept, Cataclysm, Drumbeats, She sings. So cool, In the video, Doesn’t smile, She delights. Who cares, No numbers, No belongings, She charms. Just the taste of wine, Her pretty face, To remember, She bewitches. The music plays, The crowd … Continue reading

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She smoked. Cigarettes are death, I said. She smiled. Yes, she said, blowing smoke into my face, I suppose so. She paused. What does it feel like? Warm, I said. That’s the appeal of death. It was a peculiar way … Continue reading

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