The heart of The Wolfmen’s second album is the end result of a number of fruitful sessions done back in 2010 with the Dandy Warhols’s Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

There is nothing new here: it’s a rock standard rock and roll album. It’s anachronistic. It has that feel of being from the late eighties/early nineties, which given the make-up of the band – Marco Pirroni on guitars and Chris Constantinou on bass guitar and lead vocals – makes perfect sense.

It reminds me of America at that time. A bit cheesy, a time when clothes stopped looking good, when denim on denim on denim and then some was a good look. When leather trousers were seen as cool.

It is, aside from the ordinary, a well-produced album that is tight as fuck, a reflection of their capacity to compose and arrange and mix an album well because they’re been mastering music for decades now. But it’s, well, safe.

Not that we’re asking them to go so far leftfield just for the sake of artistic ingenuity, just, sometimes, you gotta throw some seeds into a desert plain and see what, if anything, emerges.

Standout track is I’m Not a Young Man Anymore. My feet tapped and I dreamed of a Budweiser and a bandana tied around my head like the Karate Kid.

In some places that’s a cool look, which is kind of how this album feels.

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