Ear Pwr – Ear Pwr

Sometimes your read something and let out a pfff. Paperwork, bills, shit prose, words too hard to enunciate. Like ‘Pwr’… pfff.

Pwr lacks vowels. Try it. Pwr. It’s like a baby blowing meaningless sounds. Annoying. Not babies blowing words. That’s cute. Pwr, that’s what’s annoying. Pfff.

What to expect? First track Mountain Home kicks off with an arid buzz, a teaser followed by viscid synths and primordial drums tunefully arranged. It’s sumptuous; love at first sight.

So what they have a name I can’t pronounce, this is really good.

And then, much like faltering love, Baby Houses falls short of the endless possibility of the first song, so-so electronica leaving me relatively blasé. Melt offers hope, defined by a sweet hook, whereas National Parks’ dissension feels messy at time. Lakes is surprising, slowly revealing its beauty by taking us across the sky on electronic clouds. North Carolina is good, meant to be stirring, but not fantastic enough to achieve that. The languid Feel It seems deliberate as it is followed by the almost Indian Geodes, whose splashes of synths are like jets of water on a hot day –nourishing. Last is Your Life is Important – just a tad too cheerful to receive kudos.

Silly name. Pfff. Decent album… I smile.

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