Press Play Film Festival

The cinematic experience is quite often a vile teaser of the horrors awaiting us in purgatory: the incessant chomping noises, the rustle of junk-food packaging, and the banal whispery banter that cuts into your inner-ear by a crowd of loathsome people who have seemingly assembled to collectively drive you absolutely sparkers by their mere presence. It’s a wonder we go at all.

So, with autumn soon upon us, and rational conscious thought taking charge, do yourself a favour and take a break from the nightmare of regular movie going and let cinema come to you in a magical 3D way that doesn’t require those strange chunky black glasses to be worn. Oh yes, 3D just got super real.

Press Play, a brand-spanking new film festival, launches on the 24th September and aims to deliver movies in a ‘fun, whimsical, and accessible’ manner by using spaces and places in a playful and unexpected way. It’s got something for everyone: those who like to see films that wouldn’t necessarily be shown in the region – cinematically speaking – classics that hit the right note with different demographics, and naturally, something for all the family too.

Hence, on offer, we have events like the epic Billy Murray film marathon, which puts together seven of his hilarious flicks. It is expected that by the end of showing you’ll have the frown of The Joker and the six-pack of a pre-Katy Price Peter Andre singing Mysterious Girl. Murray is just that damn funny.

Or how about you dust off your two-wheel for an environmentally friendly drive-in experience known as the ‘ride-in’. Hop onto your cycle and pedal on down to Hoult’s Yard for a day of plentiful entertainment: stalls, workshops, films, and best of all, a pedal-powered popcorn machine to keep you enthused. That’s right, screw electricity; we want manpower popping up those corn seeds.

For the music lovers, ladies need to get dolled-up in their finest old-school dresses and men need to put on their sharpest suits, for they’ll be stepping into the glittering and glamorous twenties with a sing-a-long showing of the perennially iconic Bugsy Malone. What’s not to like: gangsters, showgirls, quick-witty chitchat and ‘splurge’ guns… lest we forget the great music.

For more laughs, more singing, and more good times, head on over to the Cumberland Arms, which will play host to a Christopher Guest, double-bill. A Mighty Wind and This is Spinal Tap, two hilarious mockumentarys sandwiched in-between live music from ukulele legend George Welch, will give you the giggles something stupid.

Now doesn’t that sound like a cultural bonanza of things to do this fall! Running over 10-days, you will indeed be spoilt for choice with this creative celebration of films. Press play and get going.

The Press Play film festival launches on 24 September and runs till the 4 October 2010.

For more information visit:

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