Prince Rama – Shadow Temple

Prince Rama, a three-piece psychedelic new-age outfit, are a spectacularly and unashamedly neo-hippy band who make music that can only be described as both a homage to and remix of ritualistic communal chants, evocative of soothing and enchanting mantras commonly found in Hindu temples but without the overtly religious connotations.

Coming together at a Hare Krishna farm in Florida, and then developing as a musical entity during their studies at art college in Boston, the idiosyncratic Prince Rama are hardly going to set the charts alive with their ethereal sounds, but they will, I expect, attract a small and reliable cult-following, and be best experienced and understood at an outdoor gig/festival as the sun sets and the camp fires spark up.

Shadow Temple is, by-and-large, a very good album. Their background and experience has obviously had quite an impression on them, and accordingly, their music is reflective of their spiritual dispositions, with each track effectively being a modern-day hymn.

The two most distinguished tracks on this album have to be the revelry of Lightening Fossil, the ultimate ‘freak-out’ track to lose yourself to, and Raghupati, an uplifting anthem for coming together and letting go of all the hardships and woes of life whilst moving your body as if in a heavenly trance.

And no drugs needed.

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