One day we’ll all have bespoke versions of the iPhone and the iPad, which will have gone from fun plaything cool gadget to the essential must-have, the definitive conduit for all our activities day and night, 24/7. So chic, so mobile, so effortlessly all-encompassing, it’ll become a device that will accompany you throughout the rest of your life.

So, with the iPad set to become as ubiquitous as its pioneering ancestor the iPhone, developers are changing and shaping the way we see and interact with the web. The internet has always been about content, lots of it, in its abundance, just waiting to be discovered. Then it was about design: it has got to look pretty and accessible or else it’s was just dead content that our eyes couldn’t settle on for a concentrated period of time. Now it’s about how you interact with it, the power of touch embedding itself in how we use the web. If it looks appealing and feels good to use, well, you know you’re onto a winner.

Which is where Pulse comes in. For all your RSS-aficionados, this nifty little app is specifically designed with the iPad in mind, a glossier version of your typical rss-feeder. It makes accessing your feeds a more satisfying experience because it is well-designed, very visual, and a lot more engaging. Its usability, the term that has come to define the success of applications, is key to its appeal.

Developed by Stanford graduates Akshay Kothari and Ankit Gupta, Pulse does everything your RSS feeder does but with added shine. Once you open up the app you get a home screen of some of the feeds you are subscibed to, with each post represented as a square, sometimes with pictures, sometimes without.  By swiping your finger left to right, you can see all the posts from one of your sources, and by swiping up and down, you can move from one feed to another, which at present is limited to a measly 20 feeds. But this is early days, so I’m optimistic it’ll be a more generous number than that.

Tap on one of the posts and it opens up basic text version with images, which you can easily share with a couple of clicks of an icon via Twitter, Facebook and email. Want the web version of the article? Again, it’s a piece of cake: just tap on the web icon and voila, you got yourself the original version right there, integrated within the page of Pulse allowing you the freedom to effortlessly revert back to your other posts.

The actual app is still not the absolute finished product, but with regular updates, it’ll soon shape up into something brilliant. Kothari and Gupta, two precious and amiable chaps, have indeed struck upon an ingenious idea that will undoubtedly reap them a sizable return of capital in return for  a brilliant medium in which countless numbers of consumers will enjoy using.

The app  is available now priced at $3.99.

For more information, visit: alphonso labs.

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