Oil for what?

Oil for what?


Oil for what?

Six-pack of beer?

Oil for what?

The economy dude, the economy.

Economy for what?


What’s utopia?

Never mind, (Francis) Fuku(yma).

Economy for what?

Warhol’s 15 minutes.

Big house, big table, big cigar (Havana), big chairs, big sofa, & a big car.

Big belly full of jelly, ho ho ho!

Big belly for what?

Hungry? Me?

Thirsty? Me?

Fuel for body and soul?

Don’t know.

Can’t think, won’t think, don’t want to think.

Don’t know how to think.

Just put the oil in the car. Fill her up.

Drive-thru… give me 24/7 burgers.

Super-size super fries super cool.

Park up at work. How can I help?

Mobile won’t work, internet is down…

Fucking travesty.

Magic: fix your phone, connection is up… no problem, enjoy your porn.

5pm… you, me, the whole world, in our cars, in a queue. Boo hoo.

i this, i that, i, i, i.

Supermarket. So convenient. Six pack of beer… 10 DVDs. Credit. Wahoo.

Smile on my face.

Famine: the belly weeps.

Pizza Hut, 2 for 1, two on the side, one for the road.

Student. Nice BM. 20 please.

TV, 50″ – note to self: 3D cinematic widescreen 100″ bonanza.

Erection. Come.

No kids.


Home Alone.

Yawn. Bed time.

Lights out. Big bed.

Tomorrow is Today.

Oil for what?

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