Uffie – Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans

If on one glorious summer’s day a somewhat fairly musical child had chanced upon a recording studio with her miniature coterie of pals, all with a pinch of harmony in their genes, and decided to mix up a mix-tape then and there, a synthesizer, a drum pad, and a vocoder, then Sex, Dream and Denim Jeans is the kind of sound you would end up with.

Does that sound belittling? Sure there’s a hint of mischief in my review, but it’s not bellicose in anyway, just an accurate observation of Uffie’s debut album. It can sound peculiarly jaunty at times, which does work well on particular tracks, but as a complete body of work it then becomes a tad too trite, so much so that not only I am compelled to turn down the volume, I fight not to press the stop button.

All that said, there are some standout tracks, evidence that this seemingly self-assured young woman can follow up with something better. The collaboration with Pharrell, ADD SUV, is dirty excellence, MCs Can Kiss reminds me a very definite early hip hop sound, Difficult is a wonderful sweet embrace, and the album title track Sex, Dreams and Denim Jeans is just beautiful, revealing a sublime singing voice.

Some more of that please.

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