An Indian Summer

Aside from the fact that this is a rousing and ineffably beautiful song that seemingly heralds in the joy and optimism of spring – though not lyrically – I am motivated to post this blog not to applaud the music, but to showcase a surreal and absolutely tiny snippet of India, presented here in a curiously charming way. On one hand we have a band of Indians dressed in what appears to be navy-blue Napoleon-era military uniforms – one of whom is rocking a pair of Converse – casually standing idle by the shore singing and playing The Cave, and on the other we have Mumford and Sons in white cotton suits – one of whom is suited in a charcoal piece – kitted with wayfarers and aviators whilst riding cool on scooters across a long winding road surrounded by lush green surroundings doing the same as their Indian counterparts, which is, of course, singing The Cave.



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