One to Watch: Kid Sister

Kid Sister Right Hand Hi from Cornerstone Promotion on Vimeo.

It feels like an aeon has passed since I gave any intention to female rappers. Hip hop and r&b – per se – has had a most welcome unorthodox quality to it these last few years, indeed, but the protagonists have largely been male. Women, at least in a strictly rap specific understanding, have been left by the wayside: neglected, forgotten, and wrapped up in the same ole same ole. They have still been doing what they do, but in this over-saturated digital world of plenty, even the queens fall from the throne.

And then something shimmers in the dark and we holler “Hell yeah! Give me some more of that!” So who is that little piece of moonlight? Kid Sister. Now she’s that fresh-fresh super new, and – no sense of excessive hyperbole intended – a potential figurehead to reinvigorate the female hip hop game, which has somewhat stagnated in recent years. Take the explosive track Right Hand Hi, an eighties sounding urban disco techno party joint that only reveals itself to be hip hop when Sister starts rocking her verse. It’s most unexpected, energetic, rife with hip-hop attitude and power, and a banging party tune that bounces across the musical genres.

This is what we want more of: experimentation and originality. Ever since Eve dropped the gutsy dirty dance hip hop hybrid Me N My (Up In The Club) earlier this year, a really cracking tune that has us thinking ‘what the fuck?!’, there has a real feeling that there is a spark waiting to be lit that will smash up every preconceived idea we have. What’s needed now then is some smart and savy collaborations – or just a want for new music – between musicians and producers within the scene and beyond it.

We’re on the verge of a new decade… what better time to start than now.

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