Position Normal – Position Normal

Think of the crackling distortion you get with old analogue radios as they tune in and out from one station to the other sounding like a damn awful crooked DJ who can’t mix for shit.

Well that’s Position Normal for you. The music comes across as the product of a nutcase fruitcake that has perhaps had too many narcotics one evening. It plays like a copy and paste job. Fair enough there is some tempo, but for the most part it spins off random dialogue, instrumentals, and scatty sounds, to which you begin to feel spooked out by.

It’s an especially unnerving experience listening to this warped album. It doesn’t entertain or respond to ones sentiments in any manner whatsoever, but instead leaves you feeling uncomfortable and ill at ease. It makes me think of that rapid shutter effect you get in horror films; the constant shaking of the scene that creates a frenzied and disorientating experience. This is the soundtrack to that.

Although it offers little musically, there is something to be said of the provocative statement it makes. Is the argument that art can exist for the reason of shock alone a legitimate one? There is no right or wrong to that, only damn-honest critique. This isn’t music. It’s an experiment gone wrong.

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