Fire – You Liked Me Five Minutes Ago


Calling themselves Fire, this Swedish jazz trio are a new project. Already well known for their work in their respective bands, Mats Gustafsson, Fender Rhodes, and Johan Berthling, have all come together to see what kind of magic they can generate on a collaborative project.

In coming from different eras – the sixties, seventies, and eighties – they have brought their varying influences and experiences to the studio, had a proper cool jamming session, and expertly mashed up the fruits of their labour into a rather enjoyable and resplendently sounding collection of thoroughly contemporary jazz music.

It is highly likely that this album will do little for conventional jazz enthusiasts who prefer the soul of traditional compositions, but they should give it an audience for it is intriguing music. It takes various aspects of jazz and attaches new constructs to these parts thereby generating new meaning to what we have come to expect. These additions do end up sounding more psychedelic and leftfield, and consequently, something like the track Can I Hold You For a Minute steps way outside of what we assume jazz to be, and duly ventures deep into more experimental music. Is it then jazz I cannot say, it is worthy of deeper conversation, but what I can say is well done chaps, that is some fine work.

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