Cosmo Jarvis – Sonofabitch


He’s quite the precocious teenager is Cosmo Jarvis. There’s the music – lots of it. Keeps banging them out day and night, and as an example, as we begin discussing the release of his first album – two parts, two CDs, the first called Humasyouhitch, the second Sonofabitch – Jarvis is already working on his third. Eager, eh? And then there’s the filmmaking, the poetry, the storytelling, and… well, you get the picture.

Sonofabitch is largely Jarvis exploring bleak topics. With much of the spotlight on the hang-ups and social failures of humans, it is markedly less festive than Humasyouhitch. The subject matter, which includes alcoholism, paedophilia, and divorce, is sardonically explored through the eyes of a reflective teenager to largely forgettable music. It isn’t that the music is poor per se; it just lacks the necessary ingredients that make for something memorable. You know that the music is there in the same way you know that bricks prop up a house: you see it but you don’t necessarily notice it.

What is worrying is that his voice becomes irritating after a while. He’s a competent singer, but his young voice is far too conversational to be captivating, and, after a while, my patience wanes in the same way a grumpy old man gets frustrated by rambling teens.

Kids… what the fuck do they know.

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