The Trash Can Sinatras – In the Music

In the Music

Given that this was the first time I had heard of the band, I had naturally imagined some big band-easy listening inspired style of rock music. I was way off track. Sinatra they are not.

The Scottish band, who have been making music since the mid-eighties, have just released their fifth album In the Music, an emphatically gentle, breezy, and exceedingly nice offering that is as middle of the road as a tea party in middle England with scones and cake. It is just that… too darn nice.

For the most part, TTCS have produced an album of tailored pop harmonies of the hum-a-long standard, which, as congenial as they are, drags on at a pace that is a little too slow to fully enrapture a younger audience. It may therefore be indicative of the years that have gone by that some of their more up-tempo stuff of the past has been replaced by a more chilled out sound, a more laidback style that is reflective of where they are now.

It’s hard to fault In the Music, but equally, it’s hard to say anything special. At least look out for opener People, a tight eighties sounding pop song. That is something other than nice. It’s fucking great.

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