Keith Loutit – Bathtub V

Keith Loutit, a Sydney based photographer specializing in tilt-shift photography, has developed an endearing style of work that blends modest cinematic techniques with quality independent music that ultimately forces us to reevaluate what it is to be human. In capturing the happenings of the seemingly mundane day-to-day excursions and activities of the human species, the exhaustively repetitive and sometimes trivial realities of contemporary civilized life, we are presented with short films – sped up to give it greater dramatic effect – that are an edifying and moving experience.

The use of tilt-shift gives the films a cartoon-like quality of paradoxically awkward yet uninterrupted motion, and the miniature effect that is created is both unnerving and cute. Humans become action figures and huge shipping containers nothing more than just blocks of lego. Playthings in short: fun but inconsequential in the grand scale of things.

The films ultimately convey a reality that we often think about in times of personal tragedy, existential despair, or when we are simply pensive. That in the vast expanses of time and space, that which stretches on and on and on, littered with colossal planets and stars, we here back on earth, turbulent, wasteful, loving and kind, what are we? Like the insects we too often ignore, trample on, and pass off as nuisance, Loutit shows us that humans themselves, regardless of their intelligence and might, are also, petite and predictable, and as beautiful as this can be – for the films demonstrate a very human quality – we too are very small indeed.

For more on the work of Keith Loutit visit his website and his page on vimeo.

For more on the amazing The Basics, whose remixed song The Ship, features on this video, visit the band’s website here.

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