Implosion Quintet – The Future Sound of Yesterday

the future sound of yesterdayImplosion Quintet is not as the name may suggest a band made up of five musicians, but is in fact the sole output of one man, the multi-instrumentalist James Baker, whose enviable skills of flowing across many instruments does indeed give him the ability to project the reality of many performers working together. Why not a band? Maybe he hates people.

In any case, he does work well with himself and creates an unorthodox album that is very much an experimental and resourceful piece of work. The Future Sound of Yesterday sees Baker splash together a rich cornucopia of instruments and styles into a jarring, paradoxical, inconsistent and spiky texture of melodies that combine into a smooth-ish current of music. His idée fixe is in the brusqueness of tarnished sounds. You could polish you shoes and they would look nice, but even a pair of slightly dirty brogues is classy.

There’s are whispers of an Eastern European folk influence throughout the largely instrumental album, echoes of rock, snatches of electro, and shots of jazz. Although I enjoyed it, I fail to see when and where I would stick it on the stereo. It’s certainly one for the boho haunts though.

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3 Responses to Implosion Quintet – The Future Sound of Yesterday

  1. Implo says:

    Thanks for the review, interesting reading. I’ve never considered ‘when and where’ before. Don’t hate people for the record(!), it’s just a far, far simpler process as a onesome. 😉

    Take care,

  2. N says:

    Hey James,

    Pleasure to get a response from you. As for the reference to working solo – a bit of mischief on my part!

    I like your work though. Keep it tight.


  3. talv says:

    I was sure to check this artist out on the likes of lastfm / myspace once reading your post, pretty impressive, caters nicely to my need to find something different to listen to.


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