The curator of the Seripop installation paints a rather superb description of what we are can expect from the weekend long event at the Baltic:

“My intentions are to arrive and present an explosion of craziness; a full installation of colour, sound, visual and moving image, print and text and fanzine stuff.”

Sophie Brown, 34, is one half of the team responsible for bringing this rich concoction of art, music, and cultural offerings to the northeast.

She continues: “It’s a bold, strong, bright, radiant and insane installation. People can come through the space and dip in and out and find out about this DIY scene. They don’t have to listen to the music if they don’t want to.”

On offer will be a merchandise stall, a fanzine, a film programme, abstract illustrations, and what I can only assume are 3D print installations. As fantastic as this is, it’s not just about art. Music, which features a lot in Brown’s work as a curator and promoter, is integral to the event, and visitors can enjoy two nights of live experimental, electronic, and indie music. Playing, among others, are bands like Spin Spin the Dogs, Hamborghinni, Beards, and Brown’s own band, Roseanne Barrr. Yes indeed, three Rs and in homage to the comedian.

The other half of the team is Canadian art duo Seripop – aka Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum – an emerging and leading force in the DIY art and music scene. They’re all about being independent, setting up in non-traditional spaces, making their own artwork and posters, and being the main apparatus for producing, exhibiting, promoting, and selling their work. What we get is work that demonstrates a real artisan and experimental approach to art.

“We are obsessed with the way things are displayed by humans,” says Yann, “It’s this thing we have of being extremely visual people: we just notice very boring things and think strongly about it and then we try to replicate or talk about it in a non-representative way. It’s as if we are trying to ‘paint’ a picture by being deliberately abstract about it.”

Hence you get these exceptionally graphic, conceptual, and polychromatic images similar to the work of modernists. This innovative way of working filters through into the music they make for their band AIDS Wolf.

“In short, we try to do a lot of noise. One of our projects is exploring some kind of hybridization of human language with all its weird sonar quirks and broken tempos, and mixing that with high volumes and polyrhythm. So we take these lame and boring sounding ideas and try to make them fun.”

It’s clear from my conversation with Brown and Seripop that there is a real passion in presenting art and music in a new way. It was will be interesting to see how this collaboration will deliver in reality, especially seeing as it’s in the northeast and not in London, but I’m not concerned. Their progressive and alternative spirit will do them well.

“It’s more of an event and about experience the audience have,” says Brown, “I want people to be entertained and not bored, and to experience a kind of a short, sharp, explosion of excitement.”

Seripop runs from Friday 31 July – Sunday 2 August 2009

Article published at Dazed Digital




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