Anathallo – Canopy Glow

Canopy Glow

Anathallo are a seven strong ensemble from Mt. Pleasant in Michigan who have been making independent music since 2000. Their name, Greek for “to renew, refresh, or bloom again” is as best a description as can be for the band who have had a number of different line ups throughout their career. It fits in with their beatnik like qualities; their mutual a fondness for art, literature, film, and all the rest, firing their engines of creativity.

Canopy Glow is, in effect, their second “full-album” after their “first” full-album, 2006s Floating World. It’s an utterly serene affair, sumptuously mellow and light, pondering, and a good choice for twilight music at the beach or barbecue.

Noni’s Field is probably their strongest offering and despite ruminating on death, it is tender and uplifting and tugs at your dreamy faculties. Other highlights are Italo, a tickly and chirpy pleasure, Northern Lights, a leisurely salvo of moodiness, and The River, which gently employs the sound of a trumpet that gives the song a wistful effect.

It is largely a solid effort; humble in it’s undertaking, brilliant in its detail and attention. Canopy Glow is a statement of artistic credibility for the purpose of art, and art alone.

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