The MPs Strike Back!

As much as I despise overpaid politicians who abuse their democratic powers for their own benefit, I equally deplore overpaid members of the media circuit whose attacks on public figures for their incompetence and lack of good character, whilst being unable to legitimately justify their grossly disproportionate salaries, is just outright hypocritical. Even more so, when so many journalists – especially at local level – are paid exploitive wages, if that at all, it would make sense for a greater investment in new talent. So, it is I take my hat off to Lord Foulkes for hitting the self-righteous BBC right where it hurts.

Update: Just as a little cheeky request, I emailed the Guardian asking if they could disclose the fees of some of its top columnists, and as expected, they politely refused, citing correctly that they were not a public authority and thus not subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Still worth a try.

For a more detailed version of this article please visit the excellent Pickled Politics.

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