The Tug Shopper

Selvage Tug WhiteSelvage Tug BlackSelvage Tug BlueMen’s bags and our attitudes towards them have come an exceptionally long way since record bags and jansport backpacks were de rigeur some 10 years ago. We’ve had the re-emergence of vintage interwar satchels and backpacks, the 80s staple that was the barrel bag – of which Fred Perry is setting the standard on – and modern interpretations of briefcases: leather with lots of compartments. Men have also finally overcome the mental block that bags are for chicks. Today’s attitude? They’re cool, necessary, and definitely worth mulling over.

All that said, we have struggled with the idea of using totes since being green became an area of urgency and political importance. Most designs of totes are aimed at women, and if not, they exude femininity, the constructs of the totes themselves are often flimsy, and the supermarket own-brands are littered with ugly logos. It’s no surprise that we didn’t buy into any of that as it would have seriously compromised our values as to what is acceptable for modern men to wear and use. Of course we want to be more eco-friendly and do away with the plastic bag, but not at the risk of being less of a man, and with it, a man who doesn’t know how to dress.

In comes the Bill Amberg tug shopper, a large sturdy cotton canvas bag that will do away with any reservations men have had with totes. Not only is it good enough for your shopping, but equally, it is an apt everyday carrier of your paraphernalia. If you need further convincing that that this is indeed appropriate baggage, then the delightful nod to Steve McQueen’s sharp look in Le Mans is detail enough to sway you. The blue, red, and white strip on the tote is striking, bold, and reassuring, leaving you feeling like the king of cool.

They are available online at Bill Amberg.

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