The Horrors – Primary Colours


Primary Colours

Primary Colours has the feeling of an exceptionally long album that endures with unshakeable conviction, which is hardly a surprise given that one track hits the seven-minute mark, and another clocks in just under eight minutes.

Still clad in distinct tight noir tailoring, pasty-skinned as ever, and “so working” their hysterical hair with remarkable insouciance, The Horrors have described the recording of their second album as an experience into the very heart of madness, the expenditure of energy and creativeness in forging great art wrecking havoc on their very being.

No surprise then that there’s a kind of general darkness to the album, a sort of Transylvanian Gothicism meets nouveau punk with a psychedelic undertone courtesy of pardon the pun, Frankenstein experimentation in the dark caverns of the recording studio.

Standout tracks are the opening Mirror’s Image which lures you into a false sense of tranquility before booming into life, the gripping Do They Say which employs the synth to absolute dreamlike beauty, and the grand Sea Within A Sea, a larger than life pulp pop rock dynamo with evocative sequences.

This may well be the album that reignites the shoegazing and ethereal wave scene.

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